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School Counseling

Terri Frank

Mrs. Terri Frank, M.Ed., L.P.C., Comprehensive School Counselor, staffs the school counseling office for Christian High School, providing counseling services to help students achieve maximum benefits from attending LWCS. Students may consult the school counselor for help with college and career planning, improving grades, or resolving personal problems. 


*Parents and/or students should contact Mrs. Frank at 636-978-1680 x1103/, or schedule appointments through Mrs. Browning at 636-978-1680 x1100.


Thank you.

Colleen Pahde

Mrs. Colleen Pahde works with Christian Middle School students, helping ensure they get the most out of their CMS years, in preparation for a successful high school experience.


Contact her for assistance at or 636-978-1680 x1162.


Thank You.

CHS High School Code: 263-135 (for ACT and SAT tests)

ACT Test Dates

SAT Test Dates

Khan Academy is partnering with the College Board so that all students who want to go to college can prepare for the SAT at their own pace, at no cost. Click here for tutorials.

College admission representatives can now go to to schedule an appointment with our high school.

CHS Forms

Alumni Transcript Request Form

Excel Info (for dual credit received from Missouri Baptist)

Missouri Baptist Transcript Request Form (for dual credit courses taken)

John Brown University Transcript Request Form (for dual credit courses taken)

Parent Recommendation

Student Recommendation Information

Teacher Recommendation Form for student to complete

College Planning/Scholarship Information

Finding resources for college can be overwhelming. The following may help students and families contemplating college entrance.

New scholarships are coming in! Students, please check the bulletin board outside the guidance office and the black crate inside the guidance office regularly!

College Admission Credit Recommendations and Requirements

The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has approved the following minimum recommended 16-unit core curriculum requirement for admission to all public four-year colleges and universities. The recommended core curriculum will affect all first-time full-time degree seeking college students who graduate from high school in spring 1996 or later.

Recommended High School Core Curriculum

English/Language Arts
4 units, one of which may be speech or debate; 2 units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required.

3 units (high school level Algebra I and beyond).

Social Studies
3 units

3 units, one of which MUST be a laboratory course.

Fine Arts
1 unit (Art, Music and Theater).

3 units, selected from foreign language and/or combinations of the above courses (two units of foreign language are strongly recommended).


University of Missouri System Requirements

4 units

4 units (Algebra I and higher).

Social Studies
3 units

3 units

Fine Arts
1 unit

Foreign Language
2 units

NOTE: 1 unit equals 1 year.