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Campus Life

Campus Life Campus Life
Preschool Educational Program

Bible Instruction From The Old And New Testaments

  •   Scripture memory, Bible stories, praise and worship
  •   Character development lessons

Skill Development Lessons

  •    Coloring, cutting, gluing, puzzles, tracing
  •    Caring for books, memory games, working together

Language Development Lessons

  •   Listening, speaking, role playing, storytelling, finger plays, music
  •   Children’s literature: books, poems, nursery rhymes
  •   General knowledge of the world around us
  •   Show 'n tell
  •   Thematic days to coordinate with phonic instructions and holidays

Phonics Instruction–Letter Recognition & Letter Sounds

  •  Letter recognition and sound association
  •  Letter formation without lines and with lines
  •  Blending sounds
  •  Introductory reading skills


  •  Number recognition and counting
  •  Number games
  •  Calendar awareness

Social Development

  • Play time (indoors and outdoors; organized and free choice)
  • Simple job responsibilities
  • Manners
  • Good work habits at school
  • Conflict resolution

Arts and Crafts
Snack Time 
Holiday Parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter)