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To support Financial Aid Awareness Month, the Missouri Department of Higher Education is pleased to announce the availability of its new Paying for College webcast.
Added today to the MDHE’s Webinars and More Webpage, “Paying for College” was created to help students and their parents identify various funding sources that may aid in covering postsecondary expenses. Each year, the U.S. Department of Education distributes billions of dollars in federal aid to students by way of campus employment, grants and loans. On the state level, the MDHE distributes funds through several grant and scholarship programs to eligible students who are interested in completing undergraduate studies at one of Missouri’s reputable postsecondary institutions.

In the “Paying for College” webcast, both federal and state aid programs are outlined to give students and parents a general idea of available aid sources for the 2012-2013 academic year. Background information regarding private and institutional aid is also provided. Free resources and services provided by the MDHE are also featured in an effort to help guide Missouri families along the path to a successful postsecondary experience.

Ready to start planning your journey to college? View the MDHE’s “Paying for College” webcast today.

If you have any questions regarding this webcast, please contact Lesley Hendrix, MDHE training services coordinator, at


Missouri Department of Higher Education has a lot of information on planning and paying for college.