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CES Curriculum


ABeka mathematics is the base of the CES math curriculum. Depending on the grade level, we supplement with hands-on manipulatives and reasoning activites creating a perfect blend to meet the needs of our students.



CES science curriculum is centered around and taught from the Biblical worldview that God is the Creator of all things. Our teachers approach science from the scientific method, which is followed by a research driven science fair for grades 3-8. Our science text comes from BJU Press, a Christian publisher.



From citizenship and early American history to ancient world history, CES teachers approach social studies from a Christian perspective with material from ABeka through the 5th grade. Teachers also use other supplemental resources such as God's World News to address current events.


Language Arts

Learning the parts of speech and sentence structure combined with alternating writing sections helps students master the units designed for each grade level. The BJU textbooks used are made especially for Christian schools and contain both writing and grammar units.



CES uses a phonics based curriculum to teach reading at the preschool and lower elementary level. With this foundation, many children are able to start reading before the beginning of kindergarten. Teaching for understanding is one of the main objectives addressed in the BJU reading currirulum. Teachers combine these skills and activities across the other content areas to created a more integrated core curriculum.



Bible class is a very important part of the curriculum in every grade. Weekly lessons and memory verses are taught in the classroom using the BJU Bible Truths Series as the foundation. Combined with weekly chapel services, this helps build on the foundation already established in the Christian home.



ACSI's Purposeful Design is the spelling curriculm that best fits at CES. It addresses and provides word lists that support the students current writing level.