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CHS Course Catalog


                                                         Subject                                                       Credits Required                                              

Bible (a)                                                                4

English                                                                  4

Math                                                                     3

Science                                                                 3

Social Studies (b)                                                   3

Practical Art                                                           1

Fine Art                                                                 1

Phys. Education (c)                                                1

Health                                                                  .5

Personal Finance                                                    .5

Electives (d)                                                          5

Community Service (e)


Total                                                                  26


(a) Students must earn 1 credit for each year of attendance at CHS. If a student transfers in, it would be less.

(b) The State of Missouri requires students to pass a test over the Missouri Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. U.S. History is also required by the State of Missouri.  Civics will be required for the Class of 2013 and beyond.

(c) Students may only receive 1 credit with a P.E. waiver in order to meet this requirement.

(d) College bound students should take at least 2 credits of a foreign language.

(e) All students will be responsible for accumulating community service hours each year they are enrolled at CHS.

     9th gr.- 20 hours; 10th gr.- 30 hours; 11th gr.- 40 hours; 12th gr.- 40 hours